Images, Inspiration, Imagination!

SoulCollage® is a fun, creative practice where over time you build up a set of personalised image cards.

The card making process involves the creation of a card that has a unique ‘voice’.

A participant selects images intuitively and these are put together on a card. The next step is to allow the card to ‘speak’ to you.

This involves speaking, listening and journaling.

Participants then learn ways of using the cards to help them in their day to day life and their aspirations and dreams.

Each card has a specific voice, and different cards are created for different ‘voices’.

SoulCollage® Cards are not limited to four suits. Other suits can be created too, such as the Story Suit.

Traditionally the cards can be divided into 4 suits:

  • The Committee Suit (our inner self and the roles we take. This is the psychological dimension)
  • The Community Suit (people, animals, places that have been supportive in our lives)
  • The Companion Suit (our energetic dimension – 1 card representing each of our energy centres)
  • The Council Suit (Archetypes and spirit guides who guide us in our daily lives)

This may involve making a card for each character, or a card for each of the themes in a story, or a combination of both.

The value of this is it can give a deeper insight into different characters, or story elements providing more authenticity to your story or speech by embodying different aspects for a fuller understanding of them.

Learn ways to give voice to characters in your story.

What clients have said:

"Megan’s facilitation was great, very inspiring and wonderful! I loved making the cards and the listening to the stories that they spoke to me. I now have a framework for my novella. I am excited about the next SoulCollage day and creating more cards with Megan."   ~ Linda