Story Coaching Services for Groups & Individuals

Megan Pascoe offers a range of story coaching services. These include:

  • techniques and practices to step into the story more fully, making it a more authentic experience for both the teller and the audience
  • story coaching for the disenfranchised to provide a platform for meaningful expression through the crafting and sharing of their stories

Services For Individuals

Authentic Storytelling and Speaking

For those who want to tell stories to their families, give a speech on an important occasion or want to stand in front of an audience and tell a story.

What are the benefits

  • Sessions scheduled at a time that suits you, either in person, via Skype or a combination of both either weekly or more often if you like. You choose the time!
  • A step by step process to build and develop skills in public speaking.
  • Learn techniques to embodying your story – moving your story from an intellectual experience into the heart. This helps your storytelling become more authentic and real
  • Discover ways to find the right stories to tell.
  • Deepen your connection to stories.
  • Learn steps that can be applied to any story or speech you want to tell to help you remember the story.
  • Feel empowered through the process of working on presence and breath as part of the storytelling process.
  • Find your own unique voice and storytelling style
  • The tools to tell your story or deliver your speech with confidence.

1 hour individual session @ $90
6 sessions x 1.5hours @ $540
10 sessions x 1.5 hours @ $750

"Who would I recommend to work with Megan in story coaching? Anyone who has something of value to say! Anyone with a story inside them not quite sure how to bring it out." ~ Jane

Services For Groups

Transformational Monologues

Transformational storytelling has the power to heal. Four-day intensive therapeutic workshop including the writing of stories, deep listening through the self editing process and ways to tap into the authentic voice. On completion of the 4 days there is a performance of the participants’ stories for the wider community.

The workshop will include aspects of stage presence. Their stories will create bridges of compassion and understanding. These are focused monologues creating deep meaningful experiences for both the participants and the audience.

What are the benefits:

  • An opportunity for the disenfranchised in society to claim their voice and share their stories and be heard.
  • A chance for the participants to reframe their pain in a deeply supported way.
  • Through validation of the participants experience they become more empowered through meaningful creative expression.
  • Raise the profile of an organisation within the community.

Investment: $2695.00

Other courses and events for groups will be updated on the events page.

"I would recommend Megan’s work to any organisation who support less advantaged people in some way. Her empathy and compassion allowed the participants to feel safe enough to explore the vulnerable aspects of their story. Her warmth and gentleness put the participants at ease. She knew what to tease out and what to leave alone. A wonderful caring facilitator." ~ Michael

SoulCollage® Comprehensive - a 6 session individual course

SoulCollage® is a fun practice that anyone can do, no previous experience is necessary.

Begin to create your own personal deck of cards. Express the various parts of your Being through this enjoyable, intuitive and empowering process.

Let your creations share their personal meaning with you through a very simple interactive method.

Use your cards for accessing inner wisdom, for daily guidance, or simply as an avenue of self-expression.

Come away feeling more centred and whole.

  • Week 1 Introduction to SoulCollage
  • Week 2 The The Committee Suit (our inner self and the roles we take. This is the psychological dimension)
  • Week 3 The Community Suit (people, animals, places that have been supportive in our lives)
  • Week 4 The Companion Suit (our energetic dimension – 1 card representing each of our energy centres)
  • Week 5 The Council Suit (Archetypes and spirit guides who guide us in our daily lives).
  • Week 6 The Transpersonal cards

Investment: $540

"Megan’s facilitation was great, very inspiring and wonderful! I loved making the cards and the listening to the stories that they spoke to me. I now have a framework for my novella. I am excited about the next SoulCollage day and creating more cards with Megan."   ~ Linda