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Some years ago I had a dream and I saw my self telling stories to people I didn’t know – to large audiences. I didn’t really understand what this meant at the time but I continued to explore and find meaning.

I sensed back then that this had the power to truly transform my life – I just didn’t know how. About 12 months before this I had been studying.

I was exploring Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey and creating a new myth to live by. I needed to reframe my story through mythical ways and slowly begin to reclaim my voice.

I thought that reclaiming my voice would just be about speaking up for myself in situations.

It was this, but much much more!

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Is something in the way of expressing your truth?

Like many children of my era I grew up believing that it was better to be seen and not heard. My mother had the voice of a nightingale and I was discouraged from singing along with her as I would spoil it from those who listened. At school I wanted to share news in first and second class, but was told that what I had to share was not really news worthy. As the years went by I found myself speaking out less and less. Even as my mother lay dying, I was not able to say the words I wanted to her. This had to change.

Truly profound work

I experimented at first and introduced a story into the sessions I was running in a nursing home. It was profound. One gentleman who had never spoken a word in the group began to speak of his beautiful dog that he had before he was married. In that moment he was transported and so were others in the room, seeing a side to this man that they had not known. During another session a lady with advanced dementia who had not been able to have a conversation began her story about her brother who had drowned at 19 and that it had been said that the man was foolish. She stated clearly that he did not deserve to die. She had finally been able to release that story and found some deep peace in doing so. Another time a resident spoke of how much she enjoyed the sessions as it had been such a long time since anyone had really listened to her stories and met her face to face since her dementia had progressed. This was truly profound work, giving voice to the disenfranchised in society.

How do you step into writing and speaking your story more authentically?

I began to seek out other storytellers and make my mark in authentic speaking. I took the story work to people I was working with, empowering them to find their voice; the dying and bereaved, women who had suffered abuse and many more. It had a lot to do with moving out of the head and into the heart.

I look back now with wisdom seeing the steps along my journey calling me to stand up and say “This is who I am”. My story lives inside of me. I am passionate about the power of story and its ability to transform and heal. I am called to continue this inspiring work today, helping individuals and groups find and share their own authentic stories in a deeply supported and profound way.

What clients have said:

"Who would I recommend to work with Megan in story coaching? Anyone who has something of value to say! Anyone with a story inside them not quite sure how to bring it out."  ~ Jane

"Megan helped me work on the story that was vital to me for my healing. She helped me move away from the story where I was the victim into seeing it from a range of perspectives. For me that has been really empowering – a big step on my journey back to wholeness." ~ Katie