About Me

Megan is passionate about storytelling and helping others share their stories. Through the crafting and sharing of stories Megan has found her deepest connection to her Soul purpose.

This was a result of a counselling practitioner course where she was exploring the Hero’s journey (Joseph Campbell) and re-storying past experiences and returned with the gift of storytelling and authentic speaking.

Being able to speak authentically, from the heart is empowering for the individual.

Whether you are involved in public speaking events, or storytelling, Megan assists you speak your truth and find your authentic voice. She is invested in people being heard and conducts her work with compassion, integrity and professionalism.

Megan is co-founder and co-host of the popular Long Story Short: Storytelling Live evenings held on the Central Coast. The program has been running for 3 years. This is an evening of adult storytelling with eight different stories based around a particular theme. The purpose of Long Story Short: Storytelling Live is to build community through storytelling.

Megan not only shares her own stories, but coaches others on how to craft a story, tell a story, how to embody a story and speak authentically.

These stories may be real life stories or they maybe metaphorical stories such as folk or fairytales or works of fiction that hold meaning for the storyteller.

Over the last few years Megan has created and run successful storytelling programs for elders with advanced dementia in local aged care facilities. This empowering program assists the disenfranchised find their voice and provide a platform for them to be heard. Megan has been invited to run her program in other regions in NSW. She believes that stories and storytelling can be a catalyst for growth, well being and healing.

In 2014 Megan was invited to participate in Central Line, a Central Coast Art Initiative collaboration. Here she worked with a filmmaker and other creatives to share stories about their art forms and their creations.

Megan has also worked with individuals who are writing memoirs for sharing with their families. This is a valuable legacy for each family involved. She continues to offer story based work for both individuals and groups.

“Thank you for the beautiful gift of story and your holding of space”  ~ Cathy

“I would recommend Megan’s work to any writer or performer who values authenticity”  ~ Suzanne